CLUE Projects

An Introduction

I guess I should have done this first but better late than never.

Sometime ago, I was invited to be a policy coordinator, working for CLUE to advance political awareness. My focus will be on the provincial government and policy. This requires collaborating with other CLUE members on other levels of government as well.

Corporate Sponsors

While the heart of CLUE is its people, we also want to ensure that our representation of the FOSS community includes organizations that sell FOSS-related good or services. To that extent CLUE will be creating a Corporate Sponsor program that will enable such organizations to support CLUE's objectives while themselves gaining the benefits of participating.

The Corporate Sponsor Program has not yet been created. For more information, please check back here or contact us.

Advisory Boards

In 2006 CLUE undertook to create Advsory Councils who would assist its Board and executive to understand the needs and perspectives of the diverse FOSS community in Canada.

These Advisory Councils have not yet been defined. Please check back here later or contact us for more information.


The existence of a vibrant and active community has been critical to the worldwide growth in the use of open source software such as Linux, Apache, Firefox, and Jboss. The acceptance of open source distribution and development models into the IT mainstream has been the result of hard work by a combination of grassroots volunteers and commercial support organizations. Most of the technical obstacles to using open source have been eliminated, as people and organizations within the public and private sectors have discovered its many advantages.

Canada is home to many open source software projects, as well as a thriving community of users, academics, developers and vendors. The country has the potential to develop open source based IT into a truly home-grown infrastructure which encourages innovation, creates jobs, and offers export opportunities to serve the world's growing demand for open source expertise.

Our Goals

The Goals of CLUE, in the support of its vision and mission, are to:

  1. Create a membership organization that represents individual, organizational and corporate members of the free and open source software community;

  2. Advance the interests of the community in the development of public policy at the national, provincial and local levels;

  3. Support programs and activities which encourage greater understanding and appreciation of the community's values within the general public as well as the private and public sectors;

  4. Enhance communications and resource-sharing within the community;

ITAC Ontario creates portal for non-profits to source volunteer help

ITAC Ontario creates portal for non-profits to source volunteer help - Partnership Platform matches charities with socially-responsible vendors []

What's the next name for CLUE (that goes beyond just Linux)?

Canadian Open Source Association
12% (3 votes)
Canadian Collaborative Technology Association
0% (0 votes)
Canadian Software Innovation Alliance
0% (0 votes)
Canadian Collaborative Innovation Association
0% (0 votes)
Canadian Free Software Association
4% (1 vote)
Canadian Council for Open Source
12% (3 votes)
Canadian Council for Collaborative Technology
0% (0 votes)
Open Source Software Association of Canada
44% (11 votes)
Canadian Council for Collaborative Innovation
4% (1 vote)
Canadian Council for Software Freedom
24% (6 votes)
Total votes: 25


The goal of the Canadian Linux Users' Exchange is to increase the use and appreciation in Canada of what is known as the Linux computer operating system and Open Source Software, by enhancing association and communication amongst its developers, users, suppliers, and the general public.

"Corporate Seal"

The seal of the Corporation shall be in such form as shall be prescribed by the provisional directors of the Corporation and shall have the words "Canadian Linux Users' Exchange".


Members of the company shall be the respective applicants for the incorporation of the company until their resignations have been accepted, and such other qualified persons as shall be elected as members from time to time by a majority of the votes cast by the members present or represented by proxy at any duly constituted meeting of the members