Montreal Based compact Linux distribution: CDlinux new version released, Top 60 at distrowatch

(from Distrowatch.com)

Ben Zhao has announced the release of CDlinux 0.9.1, a minimalist live CD with Xfce and support for several languages: "CDlinux 0.9.1 was released today. This is a yet another big leap towards CDlinux 1.0, integrating many new features and enhancements, including: a new GUI installation and upgrade wizard; rewrite the 'persistent mode' code and save persistent data as Squashfs; replace Fcitx with SCIM to support input method for more locales; add full support for German, French, Japanese and Russian; add support for 'Safe Graphics Mode' in case native X.Org driver fails; determine better whether to run in RAM or loop mode; some fine-tuning to improve performance on machines with low memory; many package upgrades, including Linux kernel, Firefox 3.0.6, Ghostscript 8.64, GIMP 2.6.4, JRE 6u12, Wine 1.1.14." Read the release announcement and release notes for more details. Download the "Community" or the "Standard" edition from here: CDlinux_CE-0.9.1.iso (203MB, MD5), CDlinux-0.9.1.iso.gz (68.5MB, MD5).

[discuss] GOSLING Party 30 May 2008 / fête OISILLON le 30 mai 2008 (RSVP)

It's time for a GOSLING party!
"Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments"
Venue: 4:30 pm, 30 May 2008, The Parliament Pub, Ottawa
Wellington Street, directly across from the Peace Tower

[discuss] Call For Open Source Awards 2008 Nominations

"For the 4th year running, Google and O'Reilly will present a set of
Open Source Awards at OSCON 2008. The awards recognize individual
contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity,

[discuss] Yet another copyright issue?

Well, this message is copyrighted by me, (*grins broadly*) but I
certainly have no intention of paying someone to register my copyright
on this message...!?!!
(But heck, go ahead and copy it, modify it, study it, and distribute it! ;-))

[discuss] Rally on Net Neutrality and in support of CAIP...

Hey folks.

There will be a rally on Parliament Hill on May 15 in support of the
CAIP submission to the CRTC, as well as the Net Neutrality issue.
(Note: The date changed, so this is the same rally that was being

[discuss] Russell McOrmond: One of Canada's Best Tech Bloggers

IT World Canada has written an article on the top 10 technology bloggers
in Canada and Russell is mentioned by name (as part of IT World's own
blog site).


[discuss] Email from Industry Canada

I'm not sure what the reason for such a long delay, but I received
this email today from Jim Prentice, MP

Industry Canada‏
From: Correspondence Minister/Correspondance Ministre: OCS

[discuss] [Fwd: [fsfc-discuss] FSF Canada - Call for action.]

I am forwarding this message in case there is interest with any of
the people in this list to work on this project.

To join the list and see the archives:

[discuss] Mail Filtering

Hi Everyone,

After seeing how much junk mail kooljet gets, I subscribed to a mail
filtering service offered by Bluehost called Postini. It's supposed
to help diminish the amount of junk mail, phishing scams and other