[volunteers] trip report on onlinux.ca

Michael Richardson wrote:
> I indicated in the town-hall, that I am particularly interested in
> having CLUE develop a corporate membership as a kind of antidote to CATA
> and BSA propaganda. We had a bit of a coalition with that letter signed

[volunteers] A quick update

We run the clue website under drupal 4.6.x. The current version of
drupal is 5.1 so Even, Russell McOrmand, Joe McGuire and I have been
working to migrate our existing stuff through the steps that will allow

[volunteers] Some help testing.

I am looking for a few users to test the join interface for drupal4.7
migration at http://cluetest.pathtech.org/ .

Please click on any of the Join links and try completing the process
using "Pay by credit card" The system is in test mode so no transactions

[volunteers] Volunteers needed to help with Website.

There were many people who suggested in the past that various updates
to the website would help encourage people to become members. Our
Webmaster, G. Roderick Singleton, is currently working on upgrading out

[volunteers] The volunteers list

You may not be aware we have a volunteers mailing list cum forum.
Hopefully everyone will subscribe or use the forum. We hope that through
this list, members will get involved with the various events, tasks et

[volunteers] Some help needed with mod_ssl and Debian Sarge

Our server run Debian Sarge and is updated from stable. Thus we have
Apache1.3x. I have attempted to enable mod_ssl to no avail. Using an ssl
aware httpd.conf I keep getting errors such as
/etc/init.d/apache start

[volunteers] [clue-exec] Paid Memberships Ready?

Hello volunteers,

I have a task for you and everyone on the exec list.

Please test what we have. Use the products interface at the moment as the
other nodes have not been changed, yet but soon. The other thing is that
those of you who have the administrator role can change the interface to
test declines as well as the current setup of success.

I have been testing but more eyes are important. VERY IMPORTANT!

G. Roderick Singleton
PATH tech
G. Roderick Singleton
PATH tech

[volunteers] don't use lengthy text strings for displayed links please

I'm forwarding this once to all of our lists, as some bloggers may
only be on the Discuss list. Please reply only on the discuss list.

When posting or blogging content on the CLUE site, note that if you
use a long text string between anchor tags, it will freeze the
collapseable center column at the width of that the text string. This
is not actually an error, however, it causes grief when viewing the
site to those who may not have a large browser window, who have a
small monitor, etc. In any regards, it's just bad practice to use
huge text strings for links anyway.

I recently committed this very offense when I blogged content from

[volunteers] Site will be off-line for a critical upgrade today

There is a critical upgrade required for our drupal installation. This
message is fair warning that during the upgrade the site will have to be
shutdown. At the same time, we will also attempt to correct whatever
was done to the frontpage node of cluecan.ca so that it again will
adjust the centre column for various sizes of browser displays. If any
of you know the secret to correcting this an email will be appreciated.
G. Roderick Singleton
PATH tech