Canadian Free and Open Source Software Portal


CLUE will expand its website into the definitive portal for anyone seeking information related to FOSS in Canada. In addition to a central repository for user group activity (not just for Linux but also other FOSS-project supporting groups), the website will collect all available information related to the use and development of FOSS in Canada. This will include high-level policy and theoretical documentation as well as real-world information such as case studies and success stories. Specific resources targeted at media and the public will provide clear detail and background on CLUE policies, and resources targeted at CLUE volunteers will provide guidance regarding advocacy at a provincial and local level.


While Canada is one of the world's leading countries in FOSS development, and home of many success stories in FOSS adoption, no current resources exist to demonstrate this reality. While vendors can highlight their own successes, for obvious reasons none will likely promote the success of competitors. As well, so far nobody is highlighting the success of organizations who successfully accomplished significant IT tasks using FOSS but did not do so using a conventional vendor. CLUE, as a vendor-neutral non-profit organization, is perfectly suited to provide
The CLUE website will be expanded to provide a local and global focal point, intending to become the definitive source of FOSS related news, research, and events in Canada. Everything from the tracking of government activities and attitudes to directories of products and vendors will be available.
In addition to static material such as white papers and case studies, more dynamic information such as events, projects, and activities will be accommodated. Mailing lists gatewayed into online forums and chat areas will encourage interaction, transparency and grassroots participation. Various stakeholders will be invited to enter and maintain information about their own groups or related news, with the assistance of a central webmaster ensuring that content is fresh (ie, not expired) and relevant.

Related activities

  • Refinement of the existing CLUE website to ease navigation and access to resource documents

  • Implementation of new Internet domains to augment current “”

  • Attraction and management of a team of volunteers to produce, collect and maintain the site's resources

  • Approaching vendors, academic organizations, user groups and other stakeholders to encourage their sharing of information for use at the CLUE site

One-Year Goals

  • To be noted by media and ranked by search engines as the premier source for news about FOSS in Canada.