The Barenaked Smear Job: A C-61 connection?

By now most Canadians know that Barenaked Ladies lead singer Steven Page has been arrested in New York in relation to alleged cocaine possession.

An interesting observation on news reports about Page's arrest suggest not only a massive smear campaign going on in the media (for instance, he never admitted to using the coke as some reports have asserted), but potentially a nasty motive behind the smear.

The blog suggests that Page's predicament has been fuelled by his vocal position on the Canadian recording industry which is critical of the large recording labels. This includes that posotion the Canadian government is taking in its controversial copyright-reform bill, C-61.

"The fact that articles are even mentioning him in the same sentence as the Eric Nagler case or Pee-Wee Herman is proof enough to me that the PR-machine has been kicked into high gear on this for a reason (and let’s remember that Nagler was actually *innocent*…)."

I am a self-confessed BNL fan -- I liked them when they were still an indy gig struggling to sell cassettes at club concerts, and well before their big publicity boost from then-mayor June Rowlands. I wish Steven the best in his inevitable credibility battles to come.