[discuss] Call For Open Source Awards 2008 Nominations

"For the 4th year running, Google and O'Reilly will present a set of
Open Source Awards at OSCON 2008. The awards recognize individual
contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity,
and collaboration in the development of Open Source Software. Past
recipients for 2005-2007 include Doc Searls, Jeff Waugh, Gerv Markham,
Julian Seward, David Heinemeier Hansson, Karl Fogel, David Recordon,
and Paul Vixie.

The nomination process is open to the entire open source community,
closing May 15th, 2008. Send your nominations to osawards AT oreilly
DOT com. Nominations should include the name of the recipient, any
associated project/org, suggested title for the award ("Best Hacker",
"Best Community Builder", etc.), and a description of why you are
nominating the individual. Google and O'Reilly employees cannot be


There's some mention in the comments section about OSI and Sourceforge
awards as well.

Scott Elcomb
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