Policy Coordinator on CHUT radio in Montreal

I was interviewed for a CHUT radio show called L'heure est au libre that airs from 11:00-11:30 on Mondays. The archive for the show aired Monday January 8, 2007 are online.

Topics include:

  • Talking to politicians: Software is a set of rules obeyed by computer hardware, laws are a set of rules obeyed by citizens.
  • Hardware property rights and the 4 interests: copyright holders of content, owners of tangible media, owners of hardware, authors/copyright holders of software.
  • How DRM contrasts with computer security. It may be the same underlying software or technology such as cryptography, but the use has the opposite goal.
  • If infringing the rights of a "Rights Holder" is to be considered theft in political discussions, then DRM (which infringes the rights of owners of media and computing hardware) is theft.
  • Talking about automated detection and acting on watermarks: with a camera, which one of the possible owners is the music, motion picture or television studios? It isn't possible to create software to automate the differentiation of a parent from a "Pirate", or a creator from a copyright infringer.