IptablesWeb 2.0 released

IptablesWeb is a free software (under GPL licence): it allow to inspect iptables logs , to receive email and alert using a web browser.
It's a plugin-based multilanguage and multiuser software written in PHP.

The features:
* Core based (IptablesWeb core)
* Plugin based: increases software potentiality and modularity
* Multilanguage
* Multiuser: guest, user and admin account
* Accounts belong to different groups
* Each plugin can be duplicated in different blocks, each one with its own independent properties
* Security: IptablesWeb is protected by htaccess and regular expression
* Portability: it can be used with any database
* Fully object oriented
* Supports CSS & XHTML1.1 standards
* Refresh settings: the update time can be set on each block to reduce CPU load
* Drag & drop fetures: users can define which blocks to display and their order

Further information http://iptablesweb.sourceforge.net/