CLUE relaunched!

Happy New Year everyone. Just before the New Year, CLUE quietly flipped the switch on our new Drupal based website; we hope you like it. The switch to a Content Management System will allow for the addition of content in a more timely manner than previously experienced.

With the website update also comes a significant expansion of the focus of CLUE. While CLUE was founded as a National Linux User Group of sorts, providing use of the domain name to Linux users etc., CLUE will now encompass embrace the broader community that is Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) in Canada.

The New Year begins with much excitement in the CLUE offices as we embark on a number of very interesting projects. First, the National Open Source Weekend project will launch shortly. Building on the National Installfests of old, the NOSW will give Canadians in most major metropolitan areas of Canada a chance to explore all that FLOSS has to offer. Second, the Adopt program is growing. Bringing together local businesses/NGO's/organizations with technology needs with FLOSS experts, this program stands to bring the benefits of FLOSS directly into the hands of those that need it while at the same time giving local experts hands on, real world experience with FLOSS implementations.

Bill Traynor