CLUE relaunching

With the impending birth of a new year, CLUE is being relaunched nationally January 1, 2006. Growing from its roots as the Canadian Linux Users Exchange, CLUE has dropped the exclusivity of being a Linux organization to embrace the broader community that is Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) in Canada. With this relaunch comes some highly anticipated projects, such as the National Open Source Weekend and the Adopt program. Both will be detailed further and launched individually in the coming weeks. The current CLUE membership of 1947 members is expected to grow considerably in the near future and extra effort will be given to providing as much feedback and inclusion to members in the daily administration of CLUE. CLUE exists solely on volunteerism. We hope and expect that new ideas for the advancement and enhancement of FLOSS usage and adoption in Canada will spring forth from this renewed CLUE enthusiasm.