Should the iPad be illegal?

I would like to clarify quotes in two recent CBC articles by Peter Nowak: Copyright bill may spark battle over who owns what and Apple iPad hits Canada amid controversy.

In each it is suggested that I believe that the iPad should be illegal. What I said should be illegal is the application of non-owner locks to technology. I am not concerned with Apples technology, only radical changes to the law that legalize and/or legally protect a form of theft.

When I buy tangible property, whether that is a house, a car, or a communications device, I expect that part of the process of purchasing is that I am given all the keys to any locks applied to what I now own. If a key is lost or otherwise unavailable to the owner, I am then legally protected in hiring a locksmith to change the locks such that I have the keys. This is what the concept of buying has meant for hundreds of years.

Apple is lobbying parliaments to change the laws to legalize a form of theft where the owner is not given the keys, and it would become illegal for the owner to change the locks.

Many people have suggested that if I don't like Apples technology, that I should just not buy it. Apple's technology is not my concern, their lobbying to try to legalize and legally protect a form of theft is. I don't have the option to just leave Canada if I don't like Canadian law. The correct thing for me to do is try to educate people about this form of theft, and for all Canadians to convince the government not to legalize or legally protect this form of theft.

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