Membership/Sponsorship Campaign


CLUE will launch an aggressive campaign, through multiple channels, to build a community through the collection of paid memberships and sponsorships. The intent is to migrate from a group of unpaid supporters to paid members in order to build a political constituency as well as generate the revenue necessary for CLUE's operation.


CLUE has been federally incorporated since 1998. From that time, it has had very little revenue, generally from sporadic and unsustainable sources. preventing the group from initiating any programs or services that could not be done completely through volunteer help. Based on perceived needs of the Canadian FOSS1 user and developer communities, CLUE undertook in early 2006 to broaden its mandate. The effective execution of this mandate requires stable and sustainable sources of revenue. As well, some of the policy-related initiatives implied by the mandate will benefit greatly if CLUE is able to demonstrate a constituency of citizens.

Over the years almost 2,000 people have signed on to the CLUE website, and have benefited from the minimal services which have been made available by CLUE volunteers. Informal polling has indicated than most of these people would become paid members of CLUE in the achievement of its stated mandate. As well, CLUE does not have significant awareness amongst its potential membership, and even many who are aware of CLUE do not know about its new initiatives.

Upon preliminary discussions with potential corporate sponsors, CLUE has determined that many vendors who provide open source products or services are supportive of the group's new mandate. To move such vendors from being merely supportive to active participants will require more awareness building, better relationships with the vendors, and a better understanding of the project initiatives intended to implement the mandate.
As well, the Canadian government has a history of offering some financial support to grassroots organizations involved in the creation of original creative work. As a significant proportion of CLUE's potential members are software developers and authors of publications, CLUE may be eligible for such assistance.

Related Activities

  • Creation of appropriate membership levels and fees

  • Mounting of a publicity campaign in the IT media to bring awareness of CLUE and its objectives

  • Mounting of a publicity campaign in the mainstream media, to introduce CLUE and address the threats to technology freedom CLUE is trying to address

  • Establishment of appropriate definitions, fees and benefits for students, end-users, FOSS professionals and vendors

  • Development of a corporate sponsorship program designed to attract vendor and organizational end-user support

  • Refinement of the CLUE website and mailing lists to support maximum participation and communications

  • Installation and maintenance of an IT system to maintain member/sponsor information, and accept on-line membership applications

  • Creation of a “membership kit” including welcome letter, membership card, and possible promotional offers from corporate sponsors

One-year Goals

  • 1,500 paid members, six corporate sponsors and $125,000 of related revenue.