The "Learnux" Linux distribution

Not much information is available about this, a distribution that we created to run on low-resource computers in the late 90's as part of the CLUE Centre project.

From the Working Centre Linux Project:

Put together by the Canadian Linux Users’ Exchange (CLUE) this distro is remarkably similar to ours, but based on some obsolete version of Debian. Perhaps we plagiarized off of them?

From Linux Planet:

OK, so Learnux is really the name of the Canadian program that develops and installs a trimmed-down version of Debian GNU/Linux for use on older machines in an educational setting. Still, this distribution is worth checking out for owners of older machines: it requires 96 megabytes of RAM of hard-disk space (including the space needed for X Window), and it requires about 6MB of RAM to run X, icewm, and xterm.

If you have any information or stories about Learnux, we'd love to hear from you.