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Desktop Developers Conference - Summary

The 2006 Desktop Developers Conference in Ottawa is now over and here is a summary. I was able to attend most of the sessions, but unfortunately not all ("real work" got in the way).

Linux Symposium in Ottawa next week

Linux Symposium

The Linux Symposium is a core technology conference, targeting software developers working on the Linux kernel, OS infrastructure, security, networking, and related research projects. With attendees coming from over 30 different countries, the Symposium is the single most comprehensive collection of Linux experts in the world.

Desktop Developers Conference in Ottawa next week

Desktop Developers Conference
in Ottawa, Canada, July 17th & 18th, 2006

The Desktop Developers Conference is targetted at those developers who are contributing to the development of desktop distributions, application and ISV development, application integration, and operating system infrastructure intended to improve the desktop user experience.

Linux on Lenovo PCs

Many of you may have seen an article in CRN Online yesterday stating that Lenovo was dropping support for Linux on the Lenovo and ThinkPad branded PCs. Lenovo has now denied dropping Linux.

The original article is available at CRN Online.

The correction article is available at ZDNet Australia.

Update! - Here is the official statement from Lenovo:

Lenovo maintains its commitment to Linux distributions and the Linux community at large. Through the independent testing and certification of ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and Lenovo 3000 product lines as well as the close collaboration with industry leaders such as ATI and Intel - Lenovo continues to take steps to ensure Linux can be deployed in a manner consistent with customer needs. In fact, over the coming months this commitment will be strengthened even further as new capabilities and support emerge.

Virtualization and Xen

Virtualization is one of the two really hot topics in IT today (the other being SOA). However, virtualization can mean a great many different things, depending on your point of view. For me, being basically an operating system guy, it means running multiple operating sytems on a single physical piece of hardware.

When it comes to virtualizing operating systems, this is nothing new. In fact, the first hypervisor was IBM's CP/67 back in 1967! This tool is the ancestor of today's z/VM hypervisor for IBM's System z mainframes.

Today, there are a great many different hypervisor solutions for x86 servers, including VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, SWSoft Virtuozzo, and of course the open source Xen project.

Linux at the SHARE user group meeting in Seattle

SHARE is the North American user group for users of IBM mainframe (aka System z) servers. SHARE (not an acronym, it is what we do) has a very active Linux program covering Linux in general and Linux on mainframes. SHARE has two meetings per year and I made two presentations at SHARE this week in Seattle.

Open Computing and Linux provides an overview of Open Computing and Linux from the "IBM point of view".

Linux on IBM System z provides an overview of virtualization and server consolidation and how Linux on System z can be used in this environment.

An Introduction

Let me introduce myself to the CLUE community. My name is Jim Elliott and I am the advocate for Open Computing (including Linux and Open Source) at IBM Canada Ltd. (which covers Canada and the Caribbean). I have been working pretty much full-time on Linux since mid-1998. First as the launch manager for Linux on IBM mainframes for the Americas and then since January of 2002 in my current role.

My web site is at ibm.com/vm/devpages/jelliott where you will find copies of presentations I have made at public events recently on Linux and Open Source.

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